Israel’s healthcare system is considered one of the most globally advanced. The national healthcare system and the advanced therapeutic approaches have led to a continuous search for new innovative solutions and technologies. With our market experience, commitment, and professional approach, Medomie is the perfect partner in Israel.


Our innovation focuses on increasing business development activities in drug discovery, technological advancement, rise in need for improvement in exciting drugs that show poor results, the requirement for novel medicines to treat diseases, increase in incidence rates of several diseases, growing concerns over high death rates are driving the market in search for innovative drugs.


An innovative drug refers to novel medication given to patients to treat a specific disease. Innovative medicines help deliver new solutions to patients for treatment diseases that do not have satisfactory treatment available in the market. In addition, it can treat various conditions: cancers, osteoarthritis, and Alzheimer’s.

We believe that raising awareness for better healthcare will drive innovative drugs.



Medomie focused on business developing and making accessible the highest quality biosimilars.
Biosimilars like generics are cheaper versions of costly name-brand drugs, but they’re modeled after medications that use living organisms as essential ingredients instead of chemical processes.


With the potential to offer targeted therapies and reduced side effects, the drive towards biologics is necessary.


Our goal is to find safe, effective, and high-quality biological medicines to make them more accessible to Israeli patients and worldwide

Niche Generic Products

Medomie specializes in locating and making available niche generic drugs
Generic drugs work like brand-name drugs, thus corresponding with our commitment to make medicine accessible to all those who require them.

Patients suffering from difficult diseases can get the medicine by using generic drugs. Among other things, a generic drug must be as effective, safe, and effective as its brand-name counterpart in terms of dosage, strength, stability, quality, and mode of administration.

Branded Portfolio

Our global partners include MSN, Diurnal, Remedica, Macleods, Medison, Jamp, NEXUS, etc.

Medomie is open for collaboration!
At Medomie, we value partnerships and collaborations.
Our strategy relies heavily on our partner selection and successful alliances worldwide.

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